A Matter Of Perfection

At a recent meeting at church we spoke about the Proverbs 31 woman. After hearing the words of the speaker my mind went to a young woman who sent me the following …”Hi Marianne! So I haven’t talked to you in a while but something happened the other day that I really wanted to tell you about! When I moved to Auburn I joined a church here and through that I joined a small group, which is basically a group of girls and we meet once a week and just talk about how God’s working in our lives. We are reading out of this book and our topic last week was about what God calls the “Proverbs 31 woman”. I’m sure you know what I am talking about, but in case not basically what I thought when I read it was a woman who does everything with love, one who is hard working, one who always puts others before herself, one who is always willing to help no matter the circumstance, and most importantly someone who does everything in their life around God and His word. While we were talking about this my group leader asked if we know anyone who is like this because it is rare to know people who embody all of these attributes. I immediately thought of you. I told my group about you and how you have always been such an amazing woman and role model to so many, who just loves others and loves God so much. You are such an inspiration to so many women which is an amazing thing. I know you are currently in a very tough life battle and even through this time I know your love and Faith in God is as strong as ever and that is so amazing to me. I just wanted you to know how amazing you are, I love you and I miss you and I am praying for you always!”

It’s funny that it’s others that see the perfection in you that you cannot see in yourself. You can never travel “Perfect Street” alone…it’s a dead end. A mother sees perfection in her naughty child. A new bride sees perfection in her groom. A new employee sees perfection in the start of the job. There is perfection in sunsets, dew on a rose, a star lit sky or a soft coo of a morning dove. We never look at ourselves as perfect. We are either too fat, too old, too cranky, or too critical. It’s a constant battle to keep a positive, perfect outlook about ourselves. My case for not going through life alone is once again so obvious.

As I watched my husband sleep this morning, I saw his perfection. The soft light gave him a glow of the beauty I first saw in him. Graham never saw his perfection and never felt worthy of it. In my eyes, his ability to love me the way he does only comes from perfection.

There are so many perfect things in this world that we are totally oblivious to. Taking a walk around my neighborhood today brought me perfection the whole way around the block. Breathing fresh air, hearing birds sing, the beauty of the various species of flowers and the hundreds of shades of green leaves is my thought of perfection. The fact that my friend took me and pointed these things out shows a love of perfection that can only be made through an orchestration of the great Creator! I believe that is the secret for perfection . . . the great Creator. He sees us fumble through our sinful lives and yet sees our perfection. No matter how mangled my body is, how lead like my legs currently feel or how my speech is, He loves me enough to see through the imperfection to my truth. No one is insignificant in this life. We are valued members of a great and very privileged world. This perfection can never be explained in the realm of this world. We can only see this through the love that is given us.

Reflecting on perfection is certainly out of the realm of every day life. We are required to seek the ordinary and make it extraordinary . I am sure you will find the treasure of perfection. Fasten your seat belt and seek the perfection in your world.



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